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Saturday, April 08, 2006
connecting a few more musical dots
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Reading:Godel Escher Bach
Weather:36, rainy
I watched a truly wretched movie last night, so bad I don't even want to give it another Google hit by naming it here. Hints: based on a VC Andrews novel and starred Louise Fletcher, who is a kickass actress. Anyhoo, I lay on my bed half watching the movie, and surfing the net on my pda (I got rid of the DLink in favor of a Linksys wifi router that rocks). I emailed for a long time, but it was a struggle with my lousy browser that doesn't let me actually get all the functionality out of Yahoo (see last post). One pretty decent workaround is mail2web. Also input is slower, since the handwriting recognition is slower and requires more correction than typing on a keyboard.

Eventually the band Smashmouth popped into my house, so I googled them. News on their page, they have a new drummer. Creative differences with the drummer they've had almost since the beginning in the late 90's, Michael Urbano. I saw these guys a couple years ago, and they put on a helluva show. I thought the drummer was great. So (it's a world wide web, yo) I googled him. His wikipedia entry talks about the 'mouth, then who was he with before that? (drumroll, please. . .)

Bourgeious Tagg! One of my favorite 80's one-hit wonder bands. Their hit was "I Don't Mind," a fresh dark acoustic ditty, with a bit of a new Dylan kind of sardonic wit ("misery loves company but she will never foot the bill"). Great melody, nice vocal harmonies, clean arrangement with strings. What could be tastier? This was also the song that solidified the first musical bond between Minstrel Paul and me. When dhruva brought him over to my house (just after I bought this place) and we traded songs for a bit, we were both amazed at how much of our repertoire overlapped. But the clincher was we both did I Don't Mind. It was love at first strum!

So draw another line on the great pop music family tree, between Smashmouth and Bourgeious Tagg.

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connecting a few more musical dots