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Monday, April 10, 2006
final resolution of The Argument
Quick news flash, The Argument, one of my old favorite bands from Motown is breaking up. They had a helluva 9 year run. I first heard them at one of Orville's summer music fests at Rich Farms, probably about 9 years ago. I thought they were great. Liv was just a little critter, and she loved them, too, she hopped around singing Inflatable Amy while Matt played in a silver lame shirt, all a bit surreal.

Anyhoo, we had them played many times at the Digital Domain in Reedsville, and they were such a favorite. They even used one of our recordings as an album they distributed through or one of those kinda sites (can't quite remember, I'll have to look at the album when I get home). They even used some of my album design for the distribution, coolio.

We'll miss them, but I'm looking forward to hearing their individual musical growth. Great players, cool guys, the Argument is over.

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final resolution of The Argument