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Thursday, April 27, 2006
Second Life could easily suck the life out of First Life
Listening to:peepers symphony
Reading:Dry, Augusten Burroughs
Weather:55, peepery
Dude, I updated my driver for one of my video cards and voila I can run Second Life. Holy shit, this could become a major brain sink, what a vast area to explore.

-+-+-+-WE INTERRUPT THIS BLOGPOST FOR A CRAZYASS BULLETIN: I just stepped away from the computer for a moment to see what the hell was all the noise outside. It was a helicopter hovering over my house close enough for even a lousy throw like me to hit with a small rock. For real! At the corner of my property, close to where Gladesville Road becomes Flat Rock Road, every fire and emergency vehicle for the freakin county it seemed was blocking the road and blue and red lights flashing everywhere. Quite a sight in the dark. Anyhoo, there were also 4 strobing red/green lights flashing over next to the church right next to my meadow. I'm guessing the helicopter was thinking about landing there, but didn't. It flew around and shined a huge spot around like that wicked eyeball in the LOTR movie, and appeared to be looking for a place to land. Eventually it gave up, flew off, and the emergency vehicles started breaking up, moving out, and letting traffic begin to flow. Man, I thought that helicopter was going to try to land on my roof, it was so freakin close! It about blew me over when I went out to look up at it. Like an outtake from ER. And now back to your regularly scheduled blogpost-+-+-+-

I have never been in to the gaming thing, in part because my eye hand coordination is about crappy, and in part cuz most are violent and I just can't get excited about that. But Second Life, this has the potential suck up a huge chunk of my leisure time if I'm not careful. If you're on, look for me I'm "justpeace mandelbrot."

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Second Life could easily suck the life out of First Life