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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
and PDub holded the mic
Listening to:birdies
Weather:73, clouding up a bit
I have been hearing about P. W. Fenton's podcast Digital Flotsam through the Charlie and the podcast community generally, but I never listened before now. I checked out a few episodes this weekend. Good stuff.

His show includes musings and short memoires of this old radio guy, with a few tunes mixed in for good measure. Apparently he, like Adam, started out playing whatever tunes he wanted, then some months ago got spooked by the whole wicked RIAA suing people crap (plus the evilness of the whole big music industry and DRM and Sony's rootkit debacle, etc.) and went all podsafe. So unfortunately the back catalog of episodes got nuked off the site, though he claims he'll go back and edit out the non-podsafe stuff one of these days.

I played an episode for Liv today on the way home from school. She remarked that his voice was like a cross between Stan Lee and Kasey Kasem. Tell me she ain't dead on.

I've been a podcast evangelist of sorts for over a year now, but I have to admit I haven't found many shows out there that inspire me to download a second cast. This is the first podcast I've added to my bookmarks in months.

And jsut when you'd forgotten about the Flying Spaghetti Monster, he appears in Second Life. . .

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and PDub holded the mic