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Sunday, May 28, 2006
blogging backwards
Listening to:IT Conversations piece on Our Story
Weather:70, sunny!
Last night I PPV'd Brokeback Mountain. Great movie. Very lovely to look at, good story, cool characters, fresh. Mos def worth the $4. The story was written by Annie Proulx, who also wrote Shipping News, another wonderful story. Like Shipping News, Brokeback Mountain is an inventive fresh story of the high highs and dark lows of a connected few people, set in a rich environment. It's about the quiet desperation of searching and never quite getting there, and the heartbreak of the failure to find what you're hoping for. Our inability to make the connection. Compelling story and lovely film.

And speaking of the compelling stories we all carry, check out Our Story. It's a timeline-based web archive that you can create (there's a free version and a paid version), and also can connect in a social network for comments and whatnot. You can, for example, tell a story you remember from your childhood, and attach pictures and video. The people in your network get notified of your post, and can come back and comment to enrich or editorialize, like "yeah, I remember that, but I think you actually only drank 2 beers, not 6." You can set permissions, making things totally public, or available only to your network, as well as enabling or disabling comments.

It seems like a way to blog it backwards. Where a blog is generally organized by post date, this timeline is organized by the date of the events described in the post, making it perfect for memoire-type writing.

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Danny was a friend of mine in school as well. We had many good times together! I was very much saddened by the loss. I still am. I only just found out a few days ago. What a tragic loss. I join you in saying farewell to Danny. I pray that he is finally at peace. -Wanda
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blogging backwards