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Saturday, May 27, 2006
goodbye to Danny and the Argument
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Got a call from Nev this week, an old friend of ours died of a heroine overdose. Actually Danny Scartz was the brother of Nev's best buddy growing up. I knew those guys and my dad knew their dad (both in the surveying/civil engineering biz). Danny was a wild one.

I remember the 4 of us going to a Halloween party at my dad's, probably around 1980 or so. We all lived in Woodbridge, and my dad lived in oldtown Alexandria, in an amazing huge house built in 1840. But that's another story. Dad's kegger was in the cellar of this giant old house, all dirt floors and low ceilings and no electricity. Pretty Halloweeny. The 4 of us cruised up 95, Nev behind the whell, found the house (my sense of direction wasn't great, I wasn't old enough to drive yet, and I remember we made a few wrong turns first), and were greeted at the 12 foot high door by my dad in a Dracula costume. We blended in to the party, found the keg, and found some liquor, too, and had ourselves a great time.

On the way home Danny was so wasted, he insisted on peeing out the car window as we drove 60 on the beltway. We were actually hanging on to him to keep him from falling out as he stuck the entire top half of his body out the window and peed. Hilarious. Good times.

And last night was the Argument's farewell show at the Met Theatre in Morgantown. I've been a fan of theirs for their whole 9 years, and I'm sad to see it end. But they had a helluva a run, and put out a few very high quality albums that I'd be very proud of were I one of them.

The place holds over 900 people, and I'll be damened if they didn't sell out. Liv and I tried to get tickets at Fawley's this week, but there were none to be had. Fortunately my friend Darla connected us with some tickets, so she, Liv, Brandin, and I all went. The place was mobbed with teenage girls. The band sounded better than I've heard them in years. The mix was great (well, a little heavy on the keyboard, but overall a zillion times better than the horrid mixes they had at their last several waterfront park shows). Vocals were outstanding. Matt is such a rockstar, his guitar and playing were awesome. They only played a couple from the first album, sadly, but they sure seemed to be enjoying themselves and playing well. Of course we got the obligatory Inflatable Amy, and it's just surreal to be surrounded by 14 year old girls singing along to that one. A nice highlight was Sick of Here with just Matt and Scott. Scott even teared up a bit at the end of the show, seeing the gravity of the end I guess, in the face of all these happy fans who just love these guys.

I posted a few of my mostly lousy (low light, no tripod) photos on flickr.

It's been real, it's been fun, peaceout Danny and the Arg.

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Danny was my cousin, and my best friend for a long time. i recently google'd him and stumbled across this story. i can sure believe it, i miss him. thanks for the story =)
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goodbye to Danny and the Argument