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Sunday, May 07, 2006
maneki neko
Listening to:nothingness
Weather:45, sunny
It's a luck cat. The beckoning cat brings good fortune, it's from a Japanese fable. Something about a very poor man who runs a temple, and has a cat. At his saddest moment, the cat sits outside and washes itself. Meanwhile, a rainstorm develops and a very rich man walking nearby seeks a place to get out of the rain, and runs under a tree. He looks around for shelter and sees the cat who appears to be beckoning to him, though he's really just washing his face, so the man runs over to the temple. Just then the tree the rich man had just been under is hit by lightning and falls over. He showers the old man with gifts and whatnot for having the cat who saved him.

Dig it.

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maneki neko