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Saturday, May 20, 2006
proof god digs Second Life
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Weather:sunny! 56
As if you needed proof. I'm trying to not be addicted to Second Life, and my friend Ken assured me I'm far from junkie status as far as online gaming goes, since I'm still just devoting a few hours a week to it. But there's just so much to explore in there. My current quests are to find, or learn how to make, a wheelchair to use and to get a juggling animation. I think animation is likely way beyond me, and a wheelchair would take a lot of prims and be tricky. (Prims are the fundamental 3d building blocks of stuff, simple shapes like spheres, cylinders, cubes, pyramids, etc.).

And the sign said long haired freaky people need not apply. Some things are the same in all realms, no? I saw a righteous castle as I was flying out of Magister Ludi's Bead Mandala posing event this morning, and started sniffing around the neighborhood. Nice. Upscale. Plenty of greenspace and kickass cool buildings and stuff. And then I encountered what at first looked like a large mirrored building side, ya know like the PPG building in Pittsburgh? So I fly closer, and see that the building that appears to be reflected in it is not what's behind me. Then I realize, it's a freakin weird fence, and the building is inside the fence, not reflected in it. And the fence bears a sign that says some kind of Keep Out or No Trespassing or whatever, please respect our privacy bla bla bla. Whaddya bet that on the other side it didn't say nothing. This side was made fer you and me. Anyhoo, it's a freakin virtual world, and still you want to build shit and own it and keep people out. What the fuck ever.

But, also in all realms, cool hippies occasionally appear, and you can sometimes tell them by the freak flags they fly. Some groovy dude, I can't even remember his name, was standing next to me at the Bead Mandala event wearing some scrumptious tiedye pants. I IM'd him to compliment the britches. Did ya make'em? Yep, "just noodling around." Righteous. Next thing ya know a little box appears in the upper right hand corner of my screen, he's giving me the pants. I accept. Thanks, amigo! So now I'm sporting insanely cool tiedye flairs (which we called bellbottoms in my day). No more bellbottom blues for justpeace Mandelbrot!

And my cat just loves me, btw. She follows me around the house like a dog, and even follows me outside when I head down to the beaver pond for a gander, or up the hill to check out the frightening progress of all the multiflora rose (resistance is futile). And she doesn't just sleep on my bed, she snuggles right up to me and jams her head up under my head every so often. Now she's curled up on the credenza (look it up, Dave aka Count Slutula) staring at Liv's 8th grade picture. How adorable.

And last but not least, I have been seeing flashes of electric blue in the meadow. Fast moving birds that have a cool swoopy flight pattern. Not indigo buntings, but that size, and they only have that shade of blue on the tops of their bodies. Their bellies are white, and some seem to have a bit of ruddy red on their necks. I believe they are tree and/or barn swallows, now that I've searched a bit on the net. I thought they were some kind of swallow based on their size and the way they fly. They are new to the 'hood, since the creation of the mighty beaver pond. They skim just above the surface of the pond eating bugs. The diversity of critters I can see from my windows has so dramatically increased since the beavers came to town. I love those guys, they rule.

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proof god digs Second Life