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Monday, May 08, 2006
walkers on the path and whatnot
Listening to:Rusted Root
Weather:55, lovely
I, wouldn't, wanna be, livin in a world of ecstasy with you. With you.

Don't take it personally, dude. It's about the only words I actually understand on the whole freakin album, yo.

Skipped work today, a tasty day off! I took a little stroll on the trail this morn, saw a vivid male goldfinch, a munching bunny who didn't even think about moving though I walked within about 5 feet of him, and a duck who just sat on the trail till I got about 3 feet away. Then he stood up and slowly waddled in the opposite direction. Whateveh.

K, I actually worked for several hours, cuz I buzzed into the office around 8:00a, grabbed a giant pile of cases to review, and hit Panera for bagel, pretty bad coffee, and free badass wifi. Reviewed cases, chatted up the kind elderly couple who sat next to me for quite a while, listened to this week's TWiT and today's DSC, occasionally peered in on the email, and generally enjoyed the shit out of myself. Got to love livin in the land o'the free and the home of the bloody brave, I tell ya.

Not much to vote for tomorrow here in P County. Especially for someone not registered repooplican (I'm registered democrap, for lack of anything better to pick).

Wasted arms, wasted legs, wrapped round this machine, military machine.

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Hey Cat!! was awesome seeing you last night!!
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walkers on the path and whatnot