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Saturday, May 06, 2006
you don't have a satellite; I have a hinged tin fetish
Listening to:birdies
Reading:Dry, Augusten Burroughs
Weather:55, gorgeous
You don't have a satellite. That thing attached to your trailer that brings you a million sports and shopping channels is not a satellite. It's a satellite DISH. Satellites are floating miles above you, orbiting the earth, receiving and transmitting signals, such as TV broadcasts. You don't have one of those, they cost a shitload of money and would be of limited use to you anyway, no doubt. So when you talk about "your satellite" please know that you might as well be talking about the Tooth Fairy (which would be of significantly more use to you, seriously).

Liv and I went to Hot Topic yesterday after work. Picking up a birthday present. On the counter there were some new impulse items, oh goody. Specifically the Jones Soda Carbonated Candy caught Liv's eye. Three flavors, Berry Lemonade, Green Apple, and FuFu Berry. She wants the blue, I want the green, nobody really likes that FuFu Berry, right? Candy, rarely a wise purchase, yo? But these come in a righteously groovy little tin with a hinged lid. But nothing like an Altoids tin, cuz this is a square cylinder (is there such a creature?), with a little square lid hinged on one side. Picture, perhaps, a loaf of bread, and where you open the twisty tie to get into the bag (k, you don't actually GET INTO the bag, but you know what I mean), there's a lid instead. Had to have it. Got the Green Apple for me, and of course caved and got the kid the blue Berry Lemonade. Not only a groovy little hinged tin, but a tasty crackly candy in there, too.

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Holy Bat shit Catman!

Talk about a bad day?!

Check out Jone soda carbonated candy on myspace!!! Add us and receive a free tin!!! Tell all your friends!!!!
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you don't have a satellite; I have a hinged tin fetish