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Thursday, June 01, 2006
first firefly May 28, half man does not sell or install satellites, schoolzout
Listening to:ChineyGrove in my head
Weather:freakin hot
Saw the season's first firefly on Memorial Day evening, from the porch.

I watched Half Man, Full Life the other night on TLC. Uh, dude, you do not sell or install satellites, nor do your clients have satellites when you are through. Please see previous post for elaboration, clarification, and elucidation. Dumbass.

I wandered around SL for a wee bit this evening, not finding anything I was seeking (pets, a cool necklace, live music). Now a bird is taunting me in FL right outside my window, and I really should bring in the hammock before the rain I hear thundering in the distance gets here.

Nothing like brutal unseasonably sticky weather to make a salad for lunch taste awesome. I heard we broke a record yesterday, something like 91. Not even June. Oh, and yes, that's the sound of rain outside my window, blew on the hammock thing. So for lunch today I went to Casa d'Amici a few blocks up High Street. I got a slice of pizza and a salad, both of which were delicious, and I spent less than $5, so rock and roll for me all around.

Tomorrow is liv's LAST DAY o'SCHOOL for this, her freshman year. Sa-weet! She got 6 A's, and if she made an A in French also, then she gets the coveted cell phone she's been jonesing for forever. If just 6 A's she gets a little pile of cash to spend in Paris later this month. My poor kid! Don't ya feel sorry for her?

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first firefly May 28, half man does not sell or install satellites, schoolzout