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Thursday, July 06, 2006
all in the folkin' wainwright family
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Weather:65, scrumptious
When I got home from Elizabeth WV today at just after 5p, my house, indoors and out, was a glorious 70 degrees. Saweet!

How I stumbled across this, I can't begin to tell you, but as I surfed about almost aimlessly a few moments ago I discovered some surprising and intriguing little music tidbits. Loudoun Wainwright III (you'll all remember "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road," won't you? maybe not you young'uns, but those of us alive in the 70's will) is not only the dad of Rufus Wainright (great singer/songwriter whose tunes are on big movie soundtracks like Brokeback Mountain, and who is also apparently a gay former meth-head), and Martha Wainwright (another singer/songwriter who wrote and actually recorded a song called Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole, supposedly about her dad), but . . .

My syntax is getting out of hand here. Let's take a paragraph break.

those kids' mom is Kate McGarrigle, half of the McGarrigle Sisters duo, folk royalty who wrote the most beautiful Heart Like a Wheel, among many other oft-covered tunes.

Then after the Wainwright/McGarrigle union broke up, he got together with none other than straight-up modern folkster Suzzy (rhymes with "fuzzy," seriously) Roche, sister #3 of the Roches, and Wainwright/Roche produced a daughter Lucy Roche (is she a musician, too? no info on this little zygote).

Now guess how many of these folks have I either seen live in concert, or played a song by live myself? A bunch.

Good god, y'all.

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all in the folkin' wainwright family