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Saturday, July 08, 2006
baby turkeys, little dick enzo, march of the penguins
Listening to:Better Days, brookeandjer
Reading:who am I kidding? GEB?
Weather:68, frickin gorgeous
As I drove to work Friday morning, taking the scenic route over Brewer Road, I saw 2 turkeys cross the road in front of my car. I slowed down, and then a dozen fuzzy little baby turkeys waddled across after them. It was so cute!

I Second Lifed a bit this morning and went to a free bazaar. Scads of free stuff to take, most of it uninteresting junk, but nabbed a few items that sounded interesting (a 5 minute free fireworks sample, a top hat, big pink bunny slippers, etc.). But as I'm browsing through the stuff this dude named Enzo shows up with a big gun of some sort, and he's pointing it around in a knees-bent shooting stance. So I say something like, hey why don'tcha take that thing somewhere where shooting is cool, which would not be here. We chat for a moment, and he keeps pulling out stuff like a watermelon blaster (shoots melons at high speed), some c4, etc. Since inquiring minds want to know, I ask if he happens to have a really really tiny penis, since he apparently like to shoot big guns constantly. Then he shoots me with the watermelon shooter, bout knocked me on my ass. Ha ha, not really funny, dude. Meanwhile some other dude has popped in, and says hi, and then says I want group sex. Well, how refereshing, getting to the point without noise. Uh, dude, good luck with that, not gonna happen here, try a sex club. Then he starts giving Enzo some shit for shooting me, and Enzo starts giving him shit for offending me, and next thing I know I'm getting pushed around a bit and then I'm exploded up into the stratosphere for about a minute. Whatever, I'm out. So I teleported off to a quiet waterside bench.

Last night I saw March of the Penguins outdoors at the riverfront park in Motown. It was pretty cool, big screen up on the stage, good sound system. Some obnoxious evil aunt brought her 4 nephews and 1 niece and parked them within about 8 inches of my head, but other than that is was pretty groovy. And free, all the groovier. Cool film, narrated outstandingly by Morgan Freeman. Very interesting and entertaining, at times humorous, at times compelling. It's easy to anthropomorphize these creatures, and get sad when one gets eaten by a seal or a raptor, and the narration plays that up a bit. Even ascribes sadness to a penguin who breaks its egg or whatever. I won't go along with all that, but still the movie teaches some amazing stuff about these critters and the harshness of mating at the bloody South Pole. The bright whiteness of the landscapes and the colorlessness of the birds makes it visually interesting and fresh, as well.

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baby turkeys, little dick enzo, march of the penguins