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Monday, July 24, 2006
goobye Alison Y
Listening to:birds
Weather:62! sunny
The weather finally broke, at least temporarily, and the humidity and temperatures came down. Lovely weekend.

But on the sad side, Alison Yanero's body was found drowned in a creek. Alison was the wife of local drummer Tixie. They were in the band Misfit Toys around the end of the last millenium, Alison was the singer. I met them during my Angel Patrol days. Local singer/songwriter Billy Matheny was the 13 yr old wunderkind lead guitar player in the Toys and his dad was the bass player.

I liked those guys, they played cool rock covers that you never hear other bands play, like Because the Night by Patti Smith. Alison was a good frontperson, she had a groovy persona on stage, a little Stevie Knicks-like. Word was that Alison and Tixie were also swingers.

Apparently Alison had a bad alcohol jones, according to the papers. Alcohol is such a bad drug, so many musicians can't manage it, and we freakin work in bars.

Goodbye Alison Y, thanks for the tunes.

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I'll miss Aly's voice on stage, she was absolutely wonderful. She was also a sweet and caring person, worked for Human Services for a while in child placement I believe, loved the job and I'm not sure why she left as I didn't know her very well.

She'll really be missed.
I met Ally on Yafro years ago. I will miss her witty sense of humor, her presence, and most of her spirit. She made me feel good about myself, and made me laugh at myself too. You are missed dear one. Fly with the angels now.
where can we find a copy of the "MISFIT TOYS" CD, so we can hear Alison Yanero's wonderful voice?
To those who read this, Alison's beloved soulmate, my cousin, my brother Tixie,joined her on October 2 2009 for their final life abroad.I have mourned my best frien, my confidante, for 3 years.I now celebrate their reunion. May you both rest in peace.
I have a copy of the Misfit Toys CD.
I'm not sure if you can get it anymore.
Perhaps contacting some of the other band members.
Billy Matheney would be the easiest to find.
Just do a google search.
He's been in several bands since.
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goobye Alison Y