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Thursday, July 20, 2006
good stuff and bad stuff
Quick post as I head out the door to a meeting. . .There's a new podcast that I'm enjoying called Wheelchair View. It's just getting started, so if you start listening now you can say "long-time listener" when you send her listener feedback years from now. But if you need a better reason to listen, perhaps you'll dig it because it's a short sweet cast from an interesting person with a nice voice. OK?

And on to the bad, the man with the giant backhoe came and tore out my beaver dam yesterday. :( I think it was somebody from state road. Anyway, they didn't even notify me or ask me, they just pulled that beast in next to the bridge (within the road right of way, I imagine), and starting destroying the dam. It sucked. And it sucks. I literally saw a line of baby ducks waddling across the remaining mud when I got home yesterday, like, where the hell is our pond? Again, it sucked.

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good stuff and bad stuff