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Wednesday, July 26, 2006
liv behind the wheel!
Listening to:DSC
Reading:The Long Tail
Weather:62, very foggy
Dig it, Liv went driving for the first time yesterday! She got her permit just a few days before she went to Paris. Oddly, I had to nag her to get it. I don't remember anyone having to nag me one second to get mine. Anyhoo, my car is a 5 speed, so we decided she should learn on her dad's automatic.

Yesterday afternoon her dad picked her and Brandin up and headed for a parking lot. They started at the old mall lot and got chased off by some xenophobic military dork. Then they went to the old Gabe's parking lot up on the hill. Then they went to South Middle and she drove around the parking lot and into the Votech lot.

According to both her and her dad, she did great! And had lots of fun!

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liv behind the wheel!