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Friday, August 04, 2006
Andrew Gold, get out of my head!
Listening to:Andrew Gold's Love Hour
Weather:74, blessedly overcast
Jeez, doesn't it freak you out when somebody reveals thoughts that sound like they came straight out of your own head? Yeah, you know it does. I was listening to the Charlie this morning and a listener feedback comment mentioned that Andrew Gold has a podcast. Adam had played an AG song (apprently with permission) the day before. I'm a big Andrew Gold fan (Lonely Boy, Thank You for Being A Friend, etc.) and haven't checked out his website in a while, so off I go. His website apparently has been under major construction for quite a while, but he's got a link to the podcast.

I checked out the most recent monthly episode, July. It was an unusual one, I think, because he played clips from a BBC show he'd recently been on where he got to pick 2 of his all-time favorite songs a day for a week. He played all ten tracks. Holy shit! We are so musically kindred! I won't spoil the fun for you by revealing the tunes, but I highly recommend this show. Freakin awesome.

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Andrew Gold, get out of my head!