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Friday, August 18, 2006
jesus painting stolen, Iraq war longer than WWII already?
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The jesus painting saga continues at Bridgeport Highschool. The painting of a blue-eyed jesus has apparently been hanging there by the principal's office for some 40 years. How atrocious. Anyway, long story short, some brave person asked the school board to order the school admin to remove it, and all hell has broken loose. Lawsuit filed, a lawyer tells Board it will cost $150,000 to fight it and they'll have a 1% chance of success. So what happens? A bunch of those zealots actually raise the $150,000. Go team. I'm guessing there are a few teachers at that school who are struggling to teach with 8 year old computers and broken equipment and lack of quality materials, but the community can pony up $150k to send some lawyer's kids to Harvard for losing a slamdunk lawsuit. Brilliant.

But the real news is that somebody broke in and stole the painting. Saved the day! Go, dude, go! But did they just help the martyr get his martyr on? To be continued. . .

I got a thought-provoking email that went something like "tonight after about your 8th beer we will have been fighting this Iraq war longer than we fought World War II. Cuz the Nazis were such pussies." Which prompted me to research a bit. And I conclude that that is almost true, but not quite. As of Aug 14 we had been fighting Iraq for 1,245 days. Apparently we fought Germany for 1,245 days (Dec. 11, 1941 to May 8, 1945). But we fought Japan for 1,348 days (Dec. 7, 1941, to Aug. 15, 1941). So we need another 103 days and a couple of a-bombs to make the statement really come true. But then again, the war is over, right? cuz Cowboy George said back in May 2003 from the carrier deck "we have prevailed." I guess the thousands of American soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens who have been killed since then don't count.

And I think these two stories are actually tied together. This insane war is fomenting a bunch of bizarre pious patriotism, it's radicalizing the moderates. How sad.

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jesus painting stolen, Iraq war longer than WWII already?