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Thursday, September 07, 2006
American Idle
Listening to:TWiT
Weather:50! foggy
Summer is unofficially over. School's in session, Labor Day weekend just ended, and it's 50 on my porch. Did you check out Burning Man? For the uninitiated, here's the one-liner about it: "Burning Man is an annual art festival and temporary community based on radical self expression and self-reliance in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada." Why no hyphen between self and expression? But I digress. Build a mutant vehicle like the Bi-Polar Express steam engine desert mobile. Get nekkid. Transact no commerce. Drink vodka. Burn a giant sculpture of a man. Create a permanent community by helping create a temporary one. Leave no trace, take every single thing you brought in back out when it's all over (there are no trash cans).

Since I heard about Burning Man some years ago I've gotten slightly more interested each year around this time. Actually, rather than partying in the desert for a week, I'm thinking about spearheading Burning Independence one of these years. Check in with me on this next year. . .

And since my fat ass was in my rolly chair in front of my computer this weekend rather than on an alkali playa, I wandered into Burning Life, the Second Life version of the big party. Not so big, not so much of a party, but I was lucky enough to wander into a little pile of hippies in leather LazyBoys blowing bubbles around a campfire. Fabulous. An Aussie in the group started an interesting conversation about US voter apathy. He posited that "More people voted for American Idle than for the president." Such beautiful spelling irony, no? How right you are, my virtual friend down undah.

And somehow on a frighteningly related note, check out the game Dead Rising. You're a reporter. You enter a mall full of zombies. You must kill everything you see using whatever you can get your hands on - coke cans, tennis rackets, hideous mall fashions, etc. All the while taking the occasional snapshot for your story. What could be more american, more Idle, more like my everyday freakin life, yo?

And BTW, I got my first hint of the death of Steve Erwin seeing a wreath memorial to him in SL on Monday morning. News travels awfully virtually fast.

Intel announced it's dumping 10% of its workforce, mostly from public relations and other white collar areas, and pundits shit their pants. Why? Since Apple is using Intel chips, why do they need to advertize any more?

Wouldn't ya know it, I assemble the baddest band on the planet and we get cancelled for our world premiere and only gig. I was scheduled to play the courthouse for my last time this summer yesterday. Billed as Cat and Friends, as usual, so I try to round up various and sundry musicians around town to join me for an unrehearsed jam show. Just an hour an noon, I can fill it by myself when I get no friends (which has happened), but this time I had a dazzling motown supergroup: Truman, Daria, Cindy, Jenny, Nathan, and my illustrious self, and then at 11:09 Jon P calls me to say it's a no-go because of the rain. Dangit. Oh well, there's always next summer, right?


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American Idle