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Saturday, September 23, 2006
my next band name: Cat-holio
Listening to:Come As You Are, Nirvana
Weather:rainy, 66
Happy equinox, my sweet little blog! I have missed you. To end my posting slackertude, I bring you . . . some trivial popculture bits.

Here's a cool way to introduce your novel: Build sets for some of the book's scenes in Second Life. Create avatars for the main characters. Have an in-world book release party. That's what JC Hutchins did for his scifi book 7th Son. I read about it in an interview on In The Grid, an online magazine about SL. I think it's all part of the niche-marketing that is now potentially profitable because of the internet's Long Tail.

Doll collector? Gory historian? Satisfy both those joneses with Headless Historicals, commemorative dolls of famous beheaded figures. I freakin love this planet, seriously.

Because Size Matters. No, you size queens, that's not what I'm talking about. Check out this groovy little web app that let's you compare the size of an object to other common objects. Say you're considering buying something online, and it lists the dimensions, but you're having a hard time actually picturing how big it is. Clickity clack over to Sizeasy, enter the dimensions, and badabing, you see your object rendered in 3d next to something similarly sized, like a deck of cards or whateveh.

Willie Nelson busted for pot and shrooms. Look I never promised any surprises in this post, OK?

And last, you're going to think I'm dorky, but I don't care. Liv and I stopped at Michael's on the way home last night to buy some fabric paint for a Tshirt she's making for Ava's birthday gift. There's all kinda Halloweeny swag around there, and since it's one of my flavorite holidays, I perused. I actually bought a fake pumpkin to carve. It's some kinda crunchy foam that is hollow and looks like a pumpkin. More on this later, expect photos.

Back to RL, where the dust is about to get eliminated. Happy fall, y'all!

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my next band name: Cat-holio