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Friday, October 20, 2006
Electric Ladybugland: Are you experienced?
Listening to:This Side, Nickel Creek
Reading:Empress Orchid
Weather:50, rainy
They're baaaaaaack. And with a vengeance. Every corner, light, and window of my house has ladybugs crawling, flying, or just hanging out around it. This year there seem to be more of the smaller, traditional red red with black spots types, last few years the larger orange with 2 or 4 spots have predominated. We fairly peacefully coexist, though I'm none too happy about the ladybug schmudge all over my windows, so every once in a while I pull out the vaccuum and say sayonara to a few thousand.

Heading for Wheeling this morning for work, hopefully the rain won't cause major traffic headaches. Gonna get that Wheeling Feeling, yo.

Countdown to Spring's wedding, T minus 2 weeks and a day. I need to start planning the menu, since I'm cooking for 25 and have only one oven. Ahooga.

I checked in in Second Life this morning for just a few minutes. I haven't been flying around in there too much for the past several months. I IM'd my SL friend Rael just to say hi, and he said RL was going well and he hadn't been going to SL lately, either. Perhaps I need to take a scripting class next time I'm in and learn a new skill, that might spark my interest to go back in more often.

Alison is coming for a visit this weekend, yea. I need to seriously clean my house, but what else is new. Livi is having a Halloween party next weekend, so I have at least two reasons to straighten up and do a little scrubbing. I have a few new audiobooks in mind, so it should be mostly painless.

Speaking of books, have you ever read any Chuck Palahniuk? He's the dude who wrote Fight Club, which I have not read. I read Lullabye and I'm almost done with Choke. Very inventive and interesting stories, cool characters, pretty good pacing. My only complaint is his English could really use some good editing. Granted Choke is in first-person, so maybe it's a character thing that he frequently ignores the requirement of subject/object agreement regarding singular or plural, but it gets on my fucking nerves after a while, character or not. He also does this canonic repetition thing, kinda like the writers on Grey's Anatomy, that also mildly annoys me. But worth getting over the minor stuff because the stories are fresh and engaging.

I torrented the motherlode of Genesis and Jethro Tull, it's so cool. Good British art/prog rock just never gets old, it's kickass.

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Electric Ladybugland: Are you experienced?