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Saturday, October 28, 2006
hillbilly poseur ain't got no boundaries, he don't compromise
Listening to:Sound Scientist, Bill
Weather:39, dropping, rainy
As I walked down High Street on my way back to work after lunch, I heard the dopplering sound of Cry, Cry, Cry. So I looked up. This buzzcut dork in a camouflage ball cap was driving a dinged up white Ford F150 jacked up with the 10 FOOT WHEELS WhEeLs wheels. He had his window down and was blasting Johnny Cash so freakin loud I could barely hear myself grunt as I walked by him stopped at the light. What a dick.

I suppose if he'd been black, driving an SUV, sporting [sporting what? what fashion or style has yet to be co-opted from hip hop culture by pimply white boys?] and thumping some gangsta rap, my instinctual disdain would be based on a less acceptable negative stereotype. But honestly, I'd still be thinking "what a dick."

I'm just saying please turn that shit down, be it twang or West Coast rhyme, your bass is not welcome in my face. Y dang byatch.

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hillbilly poseur ain't got no boundaries, he don't compromise