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Saturday, November 04, 2006
Remember remember the 4th of November
Listening to:Survivor, Chuck Palahnuik
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Weather:15, not a typo, and sunny
Today is the day Spring gets married, and my house smells fabulous. I've been cooking since Thursday night, preparing a Thanksgiving-style feast for 30 for the reception. Turkey #2 just went into the oven. Thursday night I made pumpkin pies. Yesterday was the hardcore production day, I made two large pans of stuffing, one pan of sweet and sour cabbage, and a relatively small pan of sweet potatoes (freshly dug from Lar's garden) with maple syrup, marshmallows, & chopped pecans, and turkey #1. After I deconstructed the cooked turkey, I roasted the bones and made broth from them. But I noticed that the broth was much sweeter than chicken broth, not necessarily a good thing, so I ditched it in favor of canned chicken broth for the gravy today.

Spring and Joe and Summer and Snow came by yesterday to drop off some steel steam table pans, and brought the new beagle puppy Wyoming. Absolutely adorable little doggy. Liv got to hang with all of them, plus SS&S's mom and Snow's daughter Jordan, at the baby shower last night.

It's 15 frigid little degrees on my porch. Fortunately it hovered just above freezing all day yesterday, so I kept putting large pans of cooked food out there since my fridge is hopelessly inadequate for this gig.

My mom is coming in around noon with the flowers and raw veggies and rolls, and Lar will come over and make the mashed potatoes. He already brought 10 quarts of the green beans he canned this summer, and that ought to do it.

Tomorrow night is Guy Fawkes Night in England, a bonfire and fireworks celebration of the foiled attempt of some Catholic conspirators (led by Guy Fawkes) to blow up the houses of Parliament on Nov 5, 1605. Apparently Queen Elizabeth I was pretty hard on the Catholics, and they hoped James I would be groovier, seeing as he had a Catholic mom'n'at. But noooooooo, he was just as intolerant a Protestant monarch, so a group of radicals decided violent overthrow was the ticket. But some of the conspirators got cold feet, ratted out the plan, and Guy Fawkes got busted with 36 barrels of black powder in the basement of Parliament. Tortured and executed, ouch. And bonfires were set all over the country to celebrate the safety of the king.

All that said, I believe it's no longer the politics but the party that is what the holiday is currently about. So I have a nice pile of kindling ready to ignite tomorrow night for my own little Guy Fawkes night.

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Remember remember the 4th of November