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Friday, November 10, 2006
threw the bums out, the thermidorian reaction benefits the Democrats. This time.
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So Rummy's out, I'm sure he couldn't take the merciless daily grilling he was going to get in front of Congress starting in January. Well it's too little too late, his damage is done. The House was a landslide of reds seats turning blue, 28 I believe, and apparently R incumbent George Allen from Virginia has conceded this last breath-holding Congressional race, giving the Democrats a bare majority in the Senate, too. So apparently people were actually pissed. Now what?

Got a plan, Democrats? It's so much easier to say "they suck" than to fix what they broke. And now that we've decimated what used to be Iraq, can you craft a strategy that gets our troops home and still protects the Iraqis who are now vulnerable because of the war we started? Can you find the cajones to raise taxes, cuz that's what it will take, to pay the bills we've been incurring for 6 years? Can you stop the slow death of the critical Social Security system of social insurance? Can you stop what's left of our manufacturing economy from sliding away to the 3rd world? Can you let poor and old and sick people get medical care in this the wealthy leading nation of the so-called free world? Can you lessen the gap between the salaries of golden-parachuting bloated CEO's of failing corporations and the laborers who are the heart of their businesses? Can you repair the serious damage to the safety of Americans at home and outside our borders that W's failed anti-terror policies have caused? Can you reform campaign finance so that this republic can get back to citizen governance and away from professional politicians? Well that tirade was me obviously doing the easy bashing, and hoping those who promised change are capable of working together to actually create it. Hopefully the Who was wrong when they said "meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

But it seems the non-whitehouse party revolution is de rigeur in year 6 of a president's term. No surprises there. Perhaps even 2 terms is too long for a president.

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threw the bums out, the thermidorian reaction benefits the Democrats. This time.