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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
why can't elections be more like weddings?
Listening to:Thunder Island, jay Ferguson
Reading:Survivor, Chuck Palahniuk
Weather:50, overcast
Spring's wedding was absolutely a blast. Family and quasifamily and friends all partied together for the weekend at the beautiful Dorsey Knob Lodge. The ceremony was mercifully brief, then we moved the chairs and brought in big tables and had a bodacious feast. Everyone was all celebration and love, all beatific groove, any past weirdness or conflict washed away. The groom got up to give his toast and got so choked up he could hardly speak. His adorable little boys were a joy to be around. Outfreakinstanding weekend.

And now I get to walk across the road and cast my vote. I'm guessing there won't be hugging and love between opponents tonight. No washing away of past transgressions. Just likely more of the same old bullshit, conservatives posing as Democrats to get the party behind them, Republicans pretending to distance themselves from the President when it suits them to shit on him, Kentuckians and Ohioans posturing as if they are West Virginians and buying up the airwaves and billboard real estate. And inside the beltway the old rich Ivy-alum white guys will all pretend they are adversaries of two wildly differing parties, when actually they just represent two sides of the same shitty coin.

I'd way rather do a few lines and shots with W than let him busy himself with ruling the so-called free world. I imagine he might actually be fun to party with.

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why can't elections be more like weddings?