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Saturday, December 30, 2006
Was Santa good to ya?
Listening to:Shagg, Bu Ba Ba Ba
Weather:35, sunny
Santa was mighty good to me, as usual. But he also brought me a very snotty cold, so I've been under the weather for a few days. Hit me like a ton of bricks, and I've been sleeping on and off for a couple days trying to make it go away. Today I decided to drink some coffee and see if I can at least feel a little better for a few hours.

I got the tasty little digicam I wanted from my extremely generous mom. It's so awesome to have a camera again! I gave mine to Liv this summer when she and mom went to Paris, and I had gotten very used to having a camera with my at all times. As soon as I gave mine up it seemed like all manner of cool images appeared to me and went uncaptured because I no longer had my little machine in my purse. This declaration that I'm carrying again is probably tempting Murphy, but what the hell, I'm ready for anything.

I'm jonesing to make some art. I usually work in 2d but I might venture into sculpture this time. I've been collecting bones for a while, a pile of discarded deer bones have been bleaching in the sun atop my dinosauric huge backyard satellite dish, plus a few sundry little ones (wishbones from chickens, a bunny skull, etc.). I'm envisioning a hanging mobile sculpture with bones and fishing line, like bones levitated. More on this as it develops.

Have I already waxed poetic in this blog about the seminal 70's crunchy melodic rock album Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy? I can't remember if I have, but just in case no, go pull this record back out and give it a spin. There is not one dud on this masterpiece, every track is sweet tangy and delicious. These are the guys who pioneered that most satisfying of rock and roll devices, the electric double lead. I have no doubt that many of the truly great rockers, from new wave to speed metal and everything in between, were influenced by these Irish masters of ripping electric hard rock. And the front man was a bass player, Phil Lynott, frickin bonus.

Phil was a sexy exotic beauty with a white Irish mom and a black Brazilian dad. Like so many tortured genuises he was a heroin junkie who met a tragically early demise. I'm not sure if Neil's right that it's better to burn out than to fade away, but that's indeed how Phil met Janis and Jimi, et al in r&r heaven. And he wasn't merely a brilliant songwriter. His vocals are so sincere they make me stop in my tracks. It's like he's sitting right next to me telling who just got back today, and how they were asking if I was around, and how he told them I was living downtown driving all the old men crazy. And if you want to hear a perfect rock and roll ballad listen to Fight or Fall, track 7. This whole record is so perfectly delicious from start to finish. Go play it. I'll wait.

The little blue ball is almost back to that arbitary spot in its orbit where we start counting another year. This one will be different than the last cuz we're missing a few more fellow passengers: Wilson Pickett, Buck Owens, Gene Pitney, Vince Welnick, Lou Rawls, Billy Preston, Freddie Fender, Syd Barrett, James Brown, to name a few from my wee sphere of the sphere. I'll miss Robert Altman and Coretta Scott King. I won't miss Slobodan Milosevic or Augusto Pinochet. You might miss Shelley Winters and Don Knotts. Plenty of people will miss the 818 american troops killed in Iraq this year. And though many are glad Saddam Hussein is dead as of last night, even a twisted broken guy like him has somebody missing him today, and killing him was just as wrong as every other killing that war has caused. But that's a whole nother Oprah.

Speaking of killing, say goodbye to about a thousand annoying ladybugs in my light fixtures and window sills, as I am about to vaccuum up those annoying little red beasties and dump them outside. Yes, some will die at my hand in this process and I'm good with that, seeing as there are no buddhist bug removers in the yellow pages for me to consult.

Well enjoy your new years eve festivities, and make 2007 groovy.

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Was Santa good to ya?