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Thursday, January 25, 2007
oh snap
Listening to:wind blow
Reading:resumes for PIA fellowship candidates
Do you like my new snaps? Those are little previews of webpages for links on this site. Are they annoying? I thought they were cool so I added them, but I could be convinced to remove them if you let me know they suck.

Stop reading my blog and immediately. Seriously. Go read Donald Crowdis's blog "Don To Earth." [My new snaps are making me want to link like a madwoman.] This cat is outstanding. His posts are the perfect length, so well-written and thought-provoking, and he's 93 freakin years old. I really love the old dudes, generally, but this one is lovable by anyone's definition. Even his Blogger template is a tasty one. Read his post from January 14, 2007. What an amazingly clear glimpse into the uniqueness of being almost 100 years old: an absolutely huge worldshaking event that shaped your whole freakin life is all but forgotten to virtually everyone around you. Except you. Oh, and he's Canadian, all the more reason to just adore this cat.

It's snowing like a bitch out there today, I'm going to have to cut this lovely workday short and head out before the road home disappears beneath another layer of the white stuff. We've had snow lying on the ground for a week now, and it just keeps on coming. Happy winter!

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