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Saturday, January 20, 2007
recipe chain
Listening to:David Lawrence, Podcast Expo
Weather:20, snow on the ground, some sun breaking through
Winter's here. Finally. I'm totally good with it.

I usually bristle at chain emails. But most of the them are just ridiculous, jesusy, or saccharin. But my dear friend Bente sent me one and I did it. Well, I didn't send it to 10 people, as the email instructed, but I did send it to 6 people, and it's working. It was a recipe chain, and you are to pass it on to 10 people but you send a recipe to just one. Easy and cool. And you might get a recipe from someone you don't even know, which is just groovy.

My mom's friend Kathy sent me this one. Most people copy and paste one they like, or type a short one, but Kathy sent a scan of a recipe from her mom's recipe box, it's probably from the 1940's. How cool. What's a Grade B egg? We're assuming salad dressing means mayo (of course every 40's recipe had a cup of mayo, right?). I'm not too likely to actually cook one of these bad boys up, in part because I'm not a fan of eating the pig generally cuz it's not a vegetarian but that's a whole 'nother Oprah. But I really dug the little nugget of culinary history. Thanks, Kathy.

I'm endeavoring to post more images on this blog this year, 'specially since I got a new badass digicam for xmas, so here's a shot of snow on echinacea. As I pulled out of my garage on the way to work yesterday I saw that the remains of the summer's echinacea had made a lovely pedestal for a little welcome snow. My garage door is manual, I have to actually hop out of the car to pull it down after I pull my car out. So it was an easy additional step, now that I keep my cam in my purse all the time, to snap this shot. The echinacea bed is just next to the steps up to my front porch, to the left of my garage, so it's on the driver's side. Hop, snap.

Well I've been mulling over a couple of anecdotes from my childhood. One is more of a character snapshot than a story, and the other is a tale about a turtle that reappeared in my grandmother's bamboo garden periodically over decades. I mention here because it might keep me honest and make me actually get them written up. Cuz if I just keep thinking, "yeah, one of these days I'll sit down and write about those two things," it could just never happen. Blog as taskmaster. Try this at home!

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recipe chain