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Saturday, January 13, 2007
Severin Browne live at Kulak's Woodshed
Listening to:Walter Egan, Magnet and Steel
Reading:Nick Cave
Weather:50, rainy
Want to enjoy a tasty live performance of an acoustic duo? Pick your bandwidth level and enjoy this funky little groove by Severin Browne with James Coberly Smith live from Kulak's Woodshed. (Hear the studio version of the tune on his myspace site.) Kulak's is apparently North Hollywood's version of the cool live original music venue we had back in 1999 in Reedsville called the Digital Domain. Kulak's, like the Domain, is a small mellow music-only performance space that broadcasts both live on the net and archives selected tunes.

Severin Browne appears to be Jackson's little brother. That's THE Jackson Browne, be still my heart. Jackson gets one brief mention in Severin's bio on his website, and the details of being born in Germany and mother named Beatrice line up, so I'm pretty sure it's that Jackson.

Well clearly my new year's rez was not more frequent blogging. Or at least if it was I've already blown it. Actually I'm not one for resolutions, they're just a bit too zen for my tao. But I did get a new camera from Santa so it would be easy enough for me to successfully resolve to spruce up 2007's posts with more photos. We'll see.

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Severin Browne live at Kulak's Woodshed