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Saturday, February 10, 2007
16 years ago
Listening to:Zero 7
Reading:very little
Olivia was born. I remember that first diaper, it was a bitch. I thought, holy shit, diaper changing is going to be a monumental bitch, who knew. The midwife laughed, it's just meconium, this is the only time her ass will be covered with the tar-like sticky black stuff, promise. Oh, cool, cuz it practically took sandblasting to clean up that crazy crap.

The midwife was right. In fact diaper changing was absolutely no big deal ever after that. My kid's shit actually did not stink, no lie. She was breastfed, and breastfed babies have actually sweet-smelling shit. It's not till you start polluting their digestive tracts with the chemicals of formula or the waste of actual food that their shit start smelling like yours, for real.

And now she's got a tattoo, her nose pierced, and she can wipe all by herself. Outstanding.

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16 years ago