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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
high in anti-accidents
Listening to:The Who, Tommy
Reading:trying to get through CSS The Missing Manual
Weather:a truly balmy 37
The weather has finally broken. Though there is still a sea of white covering every nook and cranny of my 13 acres, features below a foot are finally reemerging. And the ride home from work yesterday, though comfortably safe for the first time in can't remember when, was certainly uglier. The beautiful sparkling expanses of bright white now have black and gray perimeters, and the glassy tree limbs have lost all their sparkle. And it was still a hang-on-tight ride up the driveway since the inches of ice bed covered with snow have become inches of slush.

Winter came late, may end early, and seems to have concentrated itself this year wickedly into about 4 weeks of super cold and daily snow. Yeah, I know, March could still be insane with snow but there's just no way it's going to be 3 weeks of not a minute above freezing and lows in the 10 belows. Just ain't gonna happen. I'm predicting an early spring, so go ahead buy your onion sets and pea seeds now so you'll be ready. Seriously, go ahead.

Time to wake the kid up and start getting ready for school and work today.

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high in anti-accidents