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Friday, February 02, 2007
learn without thinking
Listening to:voices in mty head
Weather:snowing, 32
How much has the past couple days sucked? Flying road crap cracked my windshield, my deductible is high so I can afford my premiums, so I had to plunk down $200 for a new one. Then the dude claims he can't put my inspection sticker back on, I have to get it reinspected. I think not, bozo greasemonkey. Sticker is back on. I pull out and turn the knob on my washing machine and the sombitch breaks. Flip that bad boy over, it's a truly amazing piece of engineering, but that's beside the point. Superglue, it's working again. At least for now. And I've picked the sorry ass worst moment to try to drive home or to work about 4 times in the past week, and there's some kind of crazy anti-snow-removal conspiracy going on so the roads gloriously suck anyway. And I got a new monitor at work to replace the truly wretched 13" CRT I've had since time immemorial. Plug in new monitor, it works for about 200 seconds, and kerschlam, it's history. Of course I had already humped the heavy and awkward old beast up over my shoulder to the shelf in the conf room. Sombitch. I got to chat with the tech support guy, after getting through the phone tree and the "we're experiencing unusually high volume" message [dude, it's not technically unusual if I get that EVERY FUCKING TIME I EVER CALL ANY CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER] for about 1/2 hour while he verified indeed that the monitor was kaput. They're sending a new one. And I lugged the old one back and plugged it in and it's a trooper. And yesterday our new intern crashed our client database. And the weekly automatic backup happened about 20 minutes after the crash, so I had to go back a week, which was corrupt, so I had to go back 2 weeks, but thank somebody's gods that worked and we had all the info we needed to re-enter the past 2 weeks worth of client cases.

End rant and whine.

Tonight Liv has organized a reading for her school's art and literary magazine at Books A Million. Would be even groovier if it hadn't been snowing for the last 8 hours, and still is. But damn the torpedoes, we'll wreck or get there.

Go ahead, Rock the SAT. Mad props to my girl Renee for turning me on to this grooving little thang. It's a CD of songs that intentionally include over 200 vocab words from recent SAT tests. Frickin brilliant. I think you can actually very easily memorize song lyrics, much more so than words or sentences or paragraphs without music. Sometimes you memorize them and don't even know it. Think about when a very old song comes on the radio and you can actually sing along with almost every word even though you haven't thought of that tune in ages. And sometimes you suddenly hear the lyrics of a tune, or perhaps read them, and you've been singing that song for years and never really thought about the words or what they said. This is a perfect technique to learn stuff almost by accident.

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Yo..Bitch! The singing so works! I work nightly w/most of my brood's homework activities ( least the children I know about totals 5) Cole has these crazy ass Vocab situations. He has to memorize the words, the alphabetical order, ALL of the definitions and various parts of the sentence etc. Hard? I think not. We use old 70 TV sitcom tunes and replace lyrics w/definitions etc. To date, and it has been almost 4 mo. He has gotten straight As!!!! So once again my fine groovy friend you are right on!!!
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learn without thinking