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Monday, February 05, 2007
what kind of hawk is this?
Listening to:Will You Love Me Tomorrow, Carole King
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Weather:4, sunny
Staring out my kitchen window I wondered why there were no songbirds around the feeder. It's been hard to keep the thing filled since there has been snow for a solid 18 days here, and hardly a moment above freezing. But when I turn my gaze left I figured it out.

What kind of hawk is this? I first saw it facing me and it looked like an owl, all I could see was the light breast contrasting with the Norway spruce it sat in. But once I focused and saw it's head I could see it was a hawk. It hung out in that branch for perhaps 1/2 hour. Then next time I looked out it was in the cherry tree, back to me, looking out over the meadow. For some breakfast, I suspect. Then I watched it chase a little sparrow or junco or something into the hemlock I planted years ago, then off over the meadow.

I usually see red-tails around here, but this is not that. It's a little smaller than an adult red-tail, too. Anyone care to help me identify it? Sorry for the lousy image quality, I took it from inside my dirty kitchen storm door, he was only about 20 feet away and I thought he'd likely spook if I tried to open the door to get the shot.

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Immature Cooper's Hawk?

Good call! Thank you for the ID.
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what kind of hawk is this?