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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
let's goooooooooo mountaineers
Listening to:silent house, birdies outside
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Weather:60, partly cloudy
Livi's got a migraine. She's had them 3 times before over the last few years. It sucks. She hates to miss school, because they don't have to take exams if they have 3 or fewer absences (excused or not), and of course she misses her boyfriend when she doesn't go to school. But her head was really killing her, she started to get a belly ache, too, and she wants to be in the dark and silence. I gave her 2 advils and the worst of it went away in about an hour, but she still wants to lie still in the dark, so that's the plan for the day. Hopefully she'll perk up enough to watch some more of Season 5 of Dawson's Creek later. Getting her Creek on always makes her feel better.

I went with Larry to the first round NIT game at the Coliseum last night, where the Mountaineers handily defeated Delaware State. It was pretty fun. We didn't get there as early as we usually do, in part because it was all pretty last minute and a workday evening and whatnot. But we made ourselves a parking spot in the lot, and quickly found a couple of dudes holding their tickets in that tell-tale way that means "I have one to sell but I don't want to look like a scalper." How much? $5. Saweet. Found another dude, he wanted $12, we gave him $5 and badabing, we're in. We of course pay no attention to the seat numbers on our tickets and head for our usual section, lower level behind the pep band. Found two great seats about 3 rows up from the bottom. Occasionally ya get booted out of your tasty seats by the actual ticket holder, but not this time.

The game was mostly a trounce, but the play was close to even in the second half. Since we started the half about 20 points ahead, there was never any question that we'd be walking away with it. I kinda liked their point guard, a fiesty little short dude. His jersey was number 0, so I called him my hero zero all evening. Unfortunately the student section took to yelling that tired chant they pull out for opponent short dudes "Gary Coleman clap clap clapclapclap." That's just stupid, he was just born short for shit's sake. And he was a scrappy player, their quarterback really, he probably had triple the ballhandling minutes of any other dude on their team. And not one point. They had a slow down offense not unlike ours, except their players couldn't shoot for shit in the first half and missed plenty in the second half, too. But I do love the "airball" chant the poor schmuck who put up an early one got every single time he touched the ball thereafter. And two shots later he put up another airball, so it was just merciless throughout the game. He probably played all but about the last 3 minutes of the game, too.

Next game Thursday night, I very seriously doubt I'll be going to that one, it doesn't start until 9p.

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let's goooooooooo mountaineers