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Monday, March 26, 2007
sunday jaunt to dave & buster's
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Spring has solidly sprung, and I threw off the cabin fever with a groovy little daytrip yesterday. Larry mentioned he had seen an article in a local paper about Dave & Buster's and it sounded cool. I remembered the brewer at the Rock Bottom brewpub in Homestead PA telling us aboUt the place when we picked up kegs for the Oktoberfest last year. Both places are next to each other in the Waterfont area. I was jonesing to Step out a bit, so we decided to check it out.

It was a lovely warm day for a drive. Livi, Brandin, Larry and I blasted out before noon and headed up 857 to take the scenic route. Once we got up around Century III we perhaps could have found a more direct route, but we weren't in a hurry. Unlike the Whatever County Bomb Squad vehicle screaming south on 51. Seriously.

Once we arrived we were all pretty hungry, so we headed for the dining area, which was beautifully renovated from an old brick warehouse. The ceiling fans were all connected with belts and pulleys, so they all ran on only one motor. I love that kinda stuff.

After feasting on some tasty American fare we headed for the arcade/bar. Hell yes, see, that's the beauty of this joint, you can drink beer and play all manner of video & other games. They had consoles of lots of modern shootemup and slash and smash video games, plus pool, air hockey, basketbal shooting, trivia. driving games, and more. FricKin sweet. But for Livi the cherry on the cake was the tickets. You get varying numbers of tickets for playing each game, which you then can cash in for your choice of various plastic Chinese crap and stuffed animals at the little store.

It was the bomb, I recommend it if you get the urge to bust out of town and play some silly games for a few hours.

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sunday jaunt to dave & buster's