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Tuesday, March 06, 2007
when the internet sucks
Listening to:Hang On Mike, the Candybutchers
Zoinks, it's cold on my porch. I'm ready for some spring about now. I like winter, and I like snow, but I'm ready to put this one away. Started late but made up for it and then some.

Spam is starting to get on my nerves. I point all my email addresses to a Yahoo address, because in the past they did a pretty sweet job of cleaning out spam. And they still clean about 200 a day out into my Bulk folder, which I just ignore. But over the past few months I've seen a steady increase in the stock tips, deposed African royalty, and Viagra emails leaking into my main box. It's still probably just about 10 a day to the over 200 real emails I get a day. But it's increasing and it's pissing me off.

Then this morning I go to check on the two lousy dolls I listed for sale on eBay (from another long story, I won't bore ya), and I can't get into my eBay account. And I know my password unequivocally because I keep all my passwords in a passworded file in my PDA. Then I get 2 emails that appear to be from eBay (ya never know because I get eBay spoofs in my box about once a freakin week) saying my account got hijacked and they've removed the Porsche listing and all the fees. That's hilarious, a Porsche. So then I had to go through various bullshit to get my account unlocked. Prob included me not being willing to give my home number, and I won't be at work for hours, etc.

But here's where it really sucks: how did I get hijacked in the first place? If I don't know that seems I could easily get hijacked again. The scary truth seems to be pointing to a key capture on my computer or something. Because I haven't responded to an eBay mail in eons since they all look like spoofs to me. And the hijack occurred just a day after I listed 2 items for sale, which I only do a couple times a year.

I'm running all the usual security shit, Windows Defender, a virus protector, periodic scans with Spybot and AdAware. I have way too many applications that I actually use to do a wipe. I think I'll go and change a bunch of passwords from a few remote computers just for the hell of it. Lucky I don't actually rely on eBay for income like many folks do, that would blow.

BTW, sweet 2 hour delay today for the blue flu in Mon County. Ya got to love a 2 hour delay! You get credit fro a day of school, but ya get to sleep in, freakin excellent.

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when the internet sucks