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Thursday, April 26, 2007
2 cool flicks
Listening to:the new radicals, in my head
Weather:a hard rain's gonna fall
I enjoyed 2 movies this weekend, both on my seriously overpriced cable. First I watched Hilary & Jackie on ifc. I really dug this movie about the amazing cellist Jacquelyn Du Pre and her sister. Du Pre died of multiple sclerosis when I was in undergrad. I was a music theory/composition major and cello was my main instrument, so I was hip to her. She had a very emotive and fiery style of playing, she could seriously wail on that thing. She also played a well-known awesome Strad that I believe she left to Yo Yo Ma.

If the film is accurate, she led a pretty wacky life. I don't know much at all about MS, but I wonder if that disease was the cause of her mental instability in the years before her diagnosis. I remember years ago my childhood friend's mom was diagnosed with MS, and she definitely had some emotional symptoms.

Du Pre and her sister apparently had an unusual and rather fascinating relationship. One of the groovy things about the film is how it shows a series of events first from one sister's perspective, then from the other, ala Gus Vansant or Tarantino. The sets and scenes are beautiful, too. And of course the soundtrack is luscious.

Next livi and I watched Click with Adam Sandler on Starz. I'm generally pretty amused by Sandler, I've probably watched the wedding singer five times already, so I was predisposed to enjoy this one. But it's not the typical Sandler comedy you might expect. It's actually more of a thoughtful what-if story, think Christmas Carol or Wonderful Life or that Nick Cage movie from the 1990's whose name escapes me.

Liv and I both dug it, and the absolute cherry on top: the movie ends with the frickin outstanding New Radicals tune You Only Get What You Give. This is our song! We sing it at the top of our lungs in the car, and dance to it around the house regularly. ***SPOILER ALERT***It's the perfect groovy uplifting anthem for the classic happy Hollywood ending.

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2 cool flicks