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Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Calgon, take me away.
Listening to:Lionel Ritchie
Reading:nothing in particular
Weather:44, dark
[dylanvoice]Everything is broken.[/dylanvoice] I had to work at the Ambulance Chase race in the cold rain all afternoon Sunday, which as you might imagine quite sucked. When I got out to my car my tire was largely flat. $18 for a patch, when did that cost like quintuple? I've bought used tires for that much.

Then yesterday I got email that my new cable bill was ready to be paid, so I looked to see it was $18 higher than usual. WTF. Called customer service, and of course got the we're experiencing higher than normal traffic you'll have to wait, the standard bullshit on every customer service line (though if everybody got an $18 increase they should be busier). After waiting she tried to tell me it was taxes. Are you fucking kidding me? She actually just pulled that straight out of her ass, because eventually she figured out they had audited my account and found I had a second dig box for which they hadn't been charging me. Long story short I'll end up paying an extra $7/mo, though I did get them to take back the retro fees.

Then this morning my dang cable box is malfunctioning, no joke. Those bastards.

And when I hauled my sorry ass downstairs to hang up the laundry I washed last night (I don't use a dryer, but that's a whole nother Oprah), all my laundry is still soaking wet. My spin cycle is not spinning. Great, I predict a vacation day to sit home and wait for the repair guy who will charge me exorbitant fees.

This Saturday there's a free all day Podcamp in Pittsburgh, and Matthew Ebel is going to be there, and I can't go because of course I already agreed to sit in on cello and bass for my friend Daria playing mostly twangy country that I actually rather dislike.

And the gray weather is having a pretty negative effect on my clients, I tend to get the really whiney everything-sucks the-system-is-crooked I'll-just-go-eat-worms calls where the point of calling is not finding a legal solution but rather incessantly bitching about the problem instead. Kinda like this post, only in stereo.

And I have a Board meeting tonight, so I get to work until perhaps 7p or later. And as usual we couldn't get a quorum, but since we have an invited guest one member actually cancelled something else so he could be there and make a quorum.

Oh whatever. And it's only Wednesday after a giant massacre at Va tech. There's a disturbance in the force, Obi Wan.

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Calgon, take me away.