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Monday, April 02, 2007
Cooking from the hip
How do you make a tasty dish with a few funky
ingredients and no measuring? Try cats Monday Night
Dump a 12 oz bag of shredded broccoli and purple
cabbage into a medium size bowl. Cook up 8 or so
Slices of bacon. Actual pig or a veggie version work
equally well. Meanwhile get out some mayonnaise (not
Miracle whip) vinegar and sugar. Proportions? I used
what was left in the little Mayo jar (maybe a cup) and
mixed a few spoons of the vinegar and a pinch of sugar
right into the jar. Now toast a slice of bread. Slice
a fat Slice off a ripe tomato off the windowsill. that
bacon is done so drain it on a paper towel. Snake two
slices and put them on the toasted bread with the
slice of tomato. Eat that snack while yon finish the
broccoslaw. Now crumble up remaining bacon over the
shredded broc. Add a couple handfuls of raisins. I
used goldens & cherries. Pour the sauce from Mayo jar
over it all and mix. A generous amount of cracked
black pepper over the top, cover with a lid or plastic
wrap, and into the fridge it goes. Tomorrow give it
another mix before you eat some. Yum !

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Cooking from the hip