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Saturday, April 14, 2007
cows in utter chaos
Listening to:Zero7
Reading:Rob Halford's wikipedia page
Weather:44, raining
Had a lovely beer night last night with my pals, my monthly treat. Thanks for keeping that going, Dantheman! I'm already looking forward to next month.

On the way to rehearsal this morning I saw a big beautiful bird flying across the meadow. It had huge wings that flapped so smoothly it was like it was in slo-mo. It landed in the little pond halfway up my neighbor's quarter-mile long meandering driveway. It was a blue heron.

And on the way home I noticed, for the second time recently, that the cows in that neighbor's meadow were facing every which way. This not normal. Typically they are all facing the same direction, head down, eating grass. Or all walking in the same direction, even if they are spread out. WTF? Global warming? Alien invasion? El nino?

Now click this link to the Google map and directions from NYC to Paris. Then read line 23.

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cows in utter chaos