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Saturday, April 14, 2007
three flipoffs and two fuckyous
Listening to:Rusted Root
Weather:uh, still crappy
I returned to Peacefriday after work yesterday for the first time in several months. I've been slacking. Actually the prob is that it is much more difficult for me to take time off from work in the afternoon anymore since we don't have a staff atty anymore (I'm doing that job plus my job). Peacefriday begins at 4p, but I usually get out there till 5, and if anyone showed up at all they are usually gone by then. But this week I decided to redouble my efforts, and get out there alone or not.

Couldn't make it till about 4:20. Had to make myself a quick sign, because I forgot signs when I left for work that morning. My sign said "Earth to Bush: No War!" My most loyal Peacefriday comrade Beth showed up around 5, and we both stuck it out till 6.

Not a bad afternoon to be hanging out outside. A little chilly, and I wasn't dressed quite appropriately for that. By 6 I was starting to feel a little stiff, but no big deal.

The response was pretty satisfying, lots of honks and thumbs ups. We only got flipped off 3 times and only 2 people yelled Fuck You. From my very unscientific data gathering, the tide is definitely turning as far as responses to our demonstration. We used to get lots more negatives, though we always got way more positive than negative. I get a particular kick out of the ones who pretend not to see us at all. Like it's normal for people to be waiving giant signs in your face on your friday evening commute home. Plenty of people are yapping on their phones while driving, as well. Not cool, people, not cool at all.

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three flipoffs and two fuckyous