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Sunday, May 27, 2007
backporch bird report
Listening to:birdsong
Weather:58, slightly hazy
Elusive little bugger. I've been seeing an indigo bunting, and occasional two, around my apple and hemlock trees and at my feeder pretty frequently lately. Several times a week. And though I can even walk out onto my covered porch off the kitchen and he won't fly out of the whatever ornamental tree/shrubb thing about 10 feet away, I'll be damned if I can get a picture.

This morning just a few moments ago I saw him on the feeder as I looked out my bathroom window, a straight shot across the porch to the feeder. Another little bird with him, some kind of brown finchy critter (maybe a female indigo bunting?). Then a hummingbird came buzzing by them, hovered a bit, checked out my hanging poinsettia (he's not happy with me, but it's not my fault, see below). I stood still as I could, trying not to blink, I'm only about 10 feet away. Then I ducked below the window, and went over to the kitchen to get my camera. Thought I was slick, trying to spy him in the bathroom mirror rather than putting myself in the window to see, he was still there. But when I reached my camera up into the window for the shot, bam, he's outta there. Dangit.

Well some creature, most likely one of the two horse-sized raccoons that have been raising hell on my porch at night, not only knocked down my hummingbird feeder, it broke it. I loved that feeder. Cheap, plastic, big old red raspberry with four white flower feeding holes at the bottom. Of course I can't find one just like it to replace it. Sigh. I ordered a big strawberry one instead, not the same. But it's been interesting how the hummingbirds just keep looking for it, and sometimes even come right up to me, maybe a foot from my face, and hover, as if to say "what gives? where's that sweet stuff, cat?" It's been over a week, and they're still looking for it.

I've seen a few goldfinches, but not as many as usual. I should get one of those thistle socks for them. I never had before, but this year they don't seem to be partying with the other songbirds at my feeder, for some reason.

I think I saw an oriole the other day. It was a flash of vivid yellow-orange and some black, up at the top of my hill behind my house and heading into a tree in the meadow. It would be awesome of they'd build one of their groovy hanging nests out there somewhere.

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backporch bird report