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Friday, May 18, 2007
Rufus Wainwright in lederhosen. Oy.
Listening to:craig ferguson, ishurburfday
Weather:44, dark
Atypically I'm awake and it's about half past midnight. Somebody called and woke me up now I cant get back to sleep. I just watched Letterman. which I haven't seen in forever. Brings back fond memories of my old highschool boyfriend and i watching Letterman and the equally hilarious NBC News overnight when he'd get home from working at Pizza Hut (home of the purple punk pizza).

This was back in the 80's when letterMan was on at like 2am and his humor was much more late night. And Linda Ellerbee was the anchor on News over night. It was actually news but she was like a deadpan comedian delivering it, freakin fantastic. it was news for the smart pot smoker. Sigh.

Back to the future, or at least the present, Rufus actually was just on letterman performing in lederhosen. Quite the fashion risk. But then again he is Loudoun's kid.

And in other who gives a shit commentary, I'm writing this by hand with stylus on my iPaq as I lie in bed, hence the capitalization sloppiness. And virtually every time I write ''Letterman" it thinks my double T's are an H. But I've corrected that each time lest this post appear even less relevant than it already does. End mitternacht babble. on no, another double T.

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Rufus Wainwright in lederhosen. Oy.