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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
acid jazz for breakfast
Listening to:Doesn't Numb Mean Dead, Valerie Etienne
Reading:Silent Spring
Weather:69, hazy
Well, that and raisin bran. Dude, it was hot like Africa up in this bitch last night. I tossed and turned all night long, couldn't decide if it was the sticky heat, the Sudafed, or the coffee that kept me awake. Probably the cosmic trilogy of all three. Gonna be a yawny humpday, I'm guessing.

Dig Jaiku, why dontcha? It's like Twitter but has some more bonus features. These things are like instant messaging, but to a social network. And you can use your mobile phone or computer. You type a short text note and send it to whomever has linked to you. It can include links, but the overall length is limited to 140 characters. Twitter is such an apt name for it (though I can't believe they didn't call it Twittr, ala every other web 2.0 app). Jaiku also lets you add RSS feeds, like your flickr, your recent tracks, your blog feed, etc. I'm on both as justpeace. Look me up. Befriend me.

I am definitely not a constant and rapid twitterer/jaikuer, though, like many folks seem to be. There's a fair amount of what people are having for lunch yada yada yada kinda shit on there, but there is also the occasional groovy newsy scoopy tidbit, and some links to interesting stuff. Twitter seems populated heavily with San Franciscoites, I haven't looked into location stuff on Jaiku, but both are very celebgeeky. Just a little something to waste your time with, amigos, enjoy.

Dang those peppers are hot!!! I harvested that tasty first tomato, and feeling lucky I grabbed one of these mystery little green chili peppers off my plant. Holy shit, batman, that bad boy was wicked. I minced up one little toothpick-sized slice onto my nachos the other night, and it lit me up like a safety match.

Speaking of lit up, this sticky humidity has finally brought out the fireflies. My meadow last night looked like the 4th of July, it was psychedelic.

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acid jazz for breakfast