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Saturday, June 23, 2007
addendum, postscript, appendix, codicil, attachment
Listening to:Any Major Dude, Steely Dan
Reading:Silent Spring
Weather:53! sunny
Forgot in my BF07 post, on the way home I picked up a hitchhiker long about the West Union exit on 50. He told a pretty sad tale. It was a hot sunny day, and he seemed glad to get out of the sun and into the air conditioning.

He had just gotten out of the Doddridge Co regional jail. He explained that he'd been walking his 2 kids home from a friend's house in Westover (aka Leftover), and a local cop stopped and gave him a ration of shit about how she's so sick of all these people thinking they can walk around town drunk. He said he'd had several beers but wasn't wasted. And he was doing the right thing by walking instead of driving, duh.

The cop cuffed him in front of his kids, age 9 and 12 I think he said, and they were crying, don't take my daddy away. Cop was going to take them into custody but luckily he'd been able to get his mother-in-law on the phone to come get them.

Then they drove him all the way to Doddridge Co to the regional jail (nearly 2 hours away) and threw him into a holding cell with 8 other people. During the night one of them somehow pissed off a guard and got himself pepper sprayed, so hitchhiker and all the other cellies had to cover their eyes and breathe that shit for hours.

They didn't get him in front of a magistrate until noon, and then let him go on his own recognizance, of course, to find his own way home. With no money in his pockets. A sad tale, I'm saying. I was glad to pick him up.

I think that's a sorry ass way for our criminal justice system to work. Those kids will probably never forget that horrible moment watching dad get cuffed and dragged away. Even if he was staggering drunk, it could have been handled a much more humane and reasonable way for everyone. The way it went down is bullshit, a big injustice against those kids, against him, and a waste of taxpayer money. We live in a fuckin police state, and the real thugs wear badges.

Ouch, got a little scrape falling off my soapbox there. Check out this cute little critter. He's been systematically emptying my bird feeder every time I fill it. Rodent injustice, I tell ya. heheh.

It's been so dry around here and we finally got a little rain the other night. That was what it took to mist up the morning enough to outline every groovy spiderweb around, and believe me there is no dearth of them up in this bitch. This one was in my biggest apple tree, not far off the kitchen porch. The apples are a little bigger than crabapple size right now, but they won't be ready to eat for soooooo long. This tree's fruit takes every minute of summer and then some to ripen. I can wait. I've got a bumper crop of black raspberries growing between the trucks (long story, I'll spare you), and a bush full of blueberries just starting to blush purple. And today is the day I will pick and eat that beautiful red tomato I've been eyeing for about 4 days. First tomato of the summer, and it ain't even July.

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addendum, postscript, appendix, codicil, attachment