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Sunday, July 15, 2007
I carpooled!
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I'm all proud of myself, and ready to do it again. I drive about 14 miles one way to work everyday, and at least 2 other people out my road work within blocks of me, so there's just no excuse for us not to try some carpooling. So finally after a few weeks of the occasional "yeah, we ought to do that" as we wait in line at the Blue Moose, and a couple of emails, Martin and I picked a day, postponed and picked another, and actually road together in one car to and from work!

It doesn't sound like that big a deal when I read it back. But my car is my wheels, man. It's how I roll, so to speak. It's a big chunk of my freedom. So it took some serious progress to pry my big butt out of it and into someone else's car for the day. It took planning, too, remember no stops at the store on the way home for toilet paper or tonight's green beans, no running out at lunch to do an errand, and on this particular day, no running your friend out to the body shop to pick up his car. Also, don't forget any of the stuff that actually lives in your car, like an umbrella and loose change and what have you, you won't have it today unless you thought ahead to get it out and carry it. Then there's the carrying.

So not to whine too much, that's not my point, my point is to say that the status quo is mighty powerful in many seen and unseen ways. And I overcame that bad boy, woot! There are also tasty benefits, other than the obvious reduce my carbon footprint, save gas money, get to enjoy the view as a passenger, etc. You get to have 2 20 minute conversations with a person you normally only see for a minute or two at a time. I'm already looking forward to next shared ride. Which will not be this week cuz I'm on kitty duty for 3 sweet fluffy critters whose owners are off in a foreign country exploring amazing undersea stuff. But hold me to it the following week! Demand reports! We're aiming for once a week, a start.

This cappuccino is the shizzle, I say. Learning to properly froth the milk was a bit frustrating, but worth it cuz it's extra enjoyable to look at and drink, too.

I've got a 10am video shoot today! I'm so totally stoked! My pal Mike is entering a contest on YouTube where you video your question you'd like the presidential candidates to answer, max 30 secs, and if you win they fly you to the Democratic debate in Charleston SC. His idea is so kickass! But I will not reveal it just yet, at least until we successfully get the finished product submitted.

I recorded the music yesterday, that was fun. I played guitar and bass and some slide guitar with a screwdriver! No, I wasn't drinking, I didn't have a slide so I used the handle of a screwdriver instead. Heheh. It's only 30 secs, so it didn't require the nuance of a musical genius or anything. I used CoolEdit, an old 4 track recording program that no longer exists (we used it at the Digital Domain), my little Behringer 6 channel mixer, and my trusty old SM58. It was pretty fun, and didn't take long. Then I dicked around with Windows Movie Maker, since the video editor I had on this machine died with a hard drive a couple years ago. It was also pretty easy and kinda fun to use. Assuming we get the video captured today (cross your fingers) I should have this bad boy in the can by tomorrow. Link forthcoming.

I had a very sad encounter on Friday with a friend who is living in a seriously shitty situation. I don't want anyone to be able to identify her by this post, so I'll the details shady, but suffice it to say, I picked her up for lunch and almost could not bear to take her back there. In fact, I delayed and she hung out at my office for the rest of the afternoon, I didn't get her home until after 6 because I just couldn't do it and she seriously needed a break from that horrible scene. For the want of a nail. . .

My strawberry plants are flowering again! Snoop freakin dogg. I guess the cool nights are tricking them into thinking it's spring. I'll be eating some strawberries with my crappuccino here pretty soon.

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I carpooled!