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Saturday, July 07, 2007
media and other consumables
Listening to:Prince, Case of You
Reading:Silent Spring
Weather:freakin hot, 84
It's going to get sticky today, I think I'll prepare to hit the swimming hole. But first. . .

How about this groovy Joni Mitchell tribute album? And specifically how about this luscious R&B version of one of Joni's most excellent songs, Case of You, by none other than the artist both currently and formerly known as Prince? Shit, dog, please. Outstanding.

And onward how about bubble tea? I had to run a check over to the trailer park for Ping's lot rent, Liv and Brandin needed a ride to Kathleen's, and the new bubble tea house was on the way yesterday on my lunch hour. So tally ho. Bubble tea, for you uninitiated, is a sweet drink of tea, milk, one or more of many added flavors (I chose almond, Brandin got blueberry, can't remember Liv's), and bubbles. The so-called bubbles are large pearls of tapioca that sit in the bottom of the drink. You get a wide straw with the drink, and the lid is hermetically sealed cellophane, you poke giant straw through lid and you can suck both drink and giant chewy jelly-like tapioca pearls off the bottom. I know, it sounds weird, but it was really good. And the tea house (where Daikoku used to be on U Ave) is a groovy little asian spot to hang. We even spied a Wii with big screen in there, ahooga. Go have some, it's fun.

How about the scrobbler on It hasn't scrobbled any of my tunes for more than a week. I listened to the Like Brand New Heavies stream for hours on Wednesday, none have shown up on the scrobble. WTF?

How about Pownce? Yet another quickshortsocialmessaging thingy. Haven't found anything wonderful about it yet, but I always try to grab my preferred username (justpeace) before someone else does, and so I did. Find me at, you guessed it,

How about this annoying blogpost style of starting every paragraph with "how about. . .?"? Heheh.

How ab. . .I'm off to the swimming hole.

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media and other consumables