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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
no more brown m&m's for me, my video was on CNN!
Listening to:an embarrassing Billy Joel song
Weather:65, gorgeous
Didn't even know till the next morning, when my inbox has an email headsup from pal dantheman! Took me a little while to find the proof, since the vid was included in a group of 4, so Mike's YouTube username didn't appear on the debate page list. And it aired way into the second hour. But then pal George sent me a link to a blog with the clip. Freakin sweeeeeeeeet! Thinking back, had I known I'd be all over the air and netwaves I'd have done more than one take on that background music. But then again, our timing getting it done and out there probably contributed to getting plucked out of the 3000 entries, so rough take, it is.

Taking some time off this morning to clean my house in prep for Spring, Joe, and baby Alan's visit this weekend! They should arrive tomorrow morning. It will be so nice to have them around, I miss them since they moved. :(

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no more brown m&m's for me, my video was on CNN!