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Sunday, July 22, 2007
Trixie steals the show!
Listening to:Tell Me Something Good, Pink's cover
Weather:69! gorgeous
I'm dragging ass, so not used to being out till 3am anymore. There were plenty of years when most weekend nights I was still breaking down sound gear at that dark hour, 6 or more hours after having set it up for the typical 10 to 2 bar gig. But that was a long time ago. Now I'm more likely to see 6am than 3am, even on a weekend morning, the M-F early rise habit so hard to break.

So what kept me up and out this Saturday night? The good old Rocky Horror Picture Show! Still alive and well, and I've got the rice in my hair to prove it. Liv and her buds Rhi, Donna, Shane, and Other Olivia have been diligently preparing for this night since school got out. They are the local shadowcasters for the show. For you virgins, that means they dress up and act out the show right in front of the screen during the film, and much more.

Liv plays Trixie, a character not actually in the film, but one that many shadowcasts use, a cigarette girl who acts out the opening of the film, you know, where the lips are introducing the story and the characters. Liv and her friends have spent hours developing their costumes (Other Olivia, who plays Magenta, has 3 costume changes during the show), learning all the dialogue, and I mean every word plus all the audience shouted responses, blocking their choreography, etc. It's quite a production to do this production.

And I'm happy to report, they were totally awesome in their first live performance! Trixie, of course, stole the show. And it's all eyes on her since there is nothing on screen during her part except a pair of glossy red lips on a black background mouthing words. Liv designed a really creative Trixie approach, too, she had some cue cards in her cigarette tray to help the audience with its shout backs and poke some fun (like putting a picture of Napoleon Dynamite on the card when they say Skills). Her costume was stellar, including huge platform high heeled patent leather knee high lace-up boots (pix forthcoming). She knew her lines in her sleep, and she let loose and had a great time! All of them were great, really. Shane was the big surprise for me, he played both Eddie (played by Meatloaf in the film), and Dr. Scott, both with panache. And he's such a reserved dude in real life. Ya gotta love the theater, a chance to be somebody else!

My relationship with RHPS is checkered, at best. In the summer of 1978 when I spent 3 weeks at Appel Farm Arts Camp in New Jersey, and the only 2 cassettes any girl in my bunk had to listen to were Blondie's Parallel Lines and, you guessed it, the RHPS soundtrack. How many times did each get played in the converted chicken coop bunk in that 3 weeks? Seemed like thousands, but perhaps that's an exaggeration. There were many years afterward when I would cringe at the first notes of Fade Away and Radiate or Dammit Janet.

But enough time has passed, and my kid is mildly obsessed with this musical, so I've gotten past my issues (which we would have called a "complex" back in the day), and now I actually enjoy the show and it's wacky soundtrack. Even Dammit Janet.

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Trixie steals the show!