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Monday, July 16, 2007
wait till you see the video
Listening to:Paula Cole, theme from the Creek!
Weather:82, sticky
It was hot and I got sunburned, but WTF, well worth a little carcinogenic radiation, I say. My friend/colleague/board member Mike Sharley had a brilliant idea for a video for the YouTube/CNN contest. I'm not going to give it all away yet, but suffice it to say mama's in the basement mixin up the medicine.

Liv and I did the tech stuff. We filmed him yesterday, I created the soundtrack the day before, and last night, after the power came back on (t-storms knocked it out) the first time but before the second time I produced the video with styley intro and whatnot. I made 5 versions, smashed each down to .wmv format, and uploaded the first to my YouTube account. I made it private, so only Mike could see it, so he could choose his fave among the five. Then I would upload that one to his account, and submit it to the contest.

Curses, foiled again. I successfully uploaded vid 1. Then got "error:500" whateverthehellthatmeans on vid 2, then power went out for 6 hours. This morning a'fore work I tried again, still "error:500" a few times, so I searched for help, and finally emailed tech support. Got a fairly quick email back saying it was an architecture prob regarding uploading private vids, and they were working on fixing it. K. But the contest ends very soon. So screw it, I'm uploading them to public for now, Mike will pick, then I'll delete the chaff and repost the wheat. 'Scuse me while I whip this self-aggrandizement out, but I smell a winner in any one of the 5, yo!!! Word.

And then I'll embed here in my little bloggy blog.

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wait till you see the video